Turmeric is an herbaceous perennial plant native to Sri Lanka as well as Southern Asia which grows up into a height of 90-180cm. It really is developed mainly for the root beginnings which are useful for food preparation, for medication and as a dye. The simply leaves have long stalks (petioles), and they are ovate in form lanceolate, tapered at each end, soft, as well as mid-green in color having a reddish central vein running down the center from the leaf. The flowers are pale yellow to white in color as well as grow in spikes of up to 30 and they are surrounded by bracts. The actual root base tend to be fleshy, oblong, pale brown on the exterior as well as yellowy-orange inside, the roots are 5-10 cm long and also have aromatic aroma and also a bitter, sharp taste.

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Botanical Name:

Curcuma longa

Country Of Origin:

Sri Lanka

Plant Part:



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